Search Marketing


Our Basic Plan

£497 p/m
  • Basic strategy plan
  • Primary Keyword Research
  • Onsite Audits & Optimisation
  • Basic backlink building


Our Best Selling plan.

£997 p/m
  • Structured strategy plan
  • Wide range of focus keywords
  • Onsite Audits & Optimisation
  • Internal & external content creation
  • Backlink building
  • Insight


For the competetive edge

£1497 p/m
  • Advanced strategy plan
  • Greater keyword results
  • Onsite audits & range of onsite techniques
  • Stronger backlink profile
  • Advanced Insight
  • Regular Blog Posts
  • Perfect for eCommerce businesses
  • Generate the quickest results
Audits + Keyword Optimisation

Audits + Keyword Optimisation

Using keywords is – well – key to improving your page’s ranking. When keywords are placed intelligently in your site, your ranking improves and any other SEO you perform is boosted. We find keywords you currently rank for, as well as keywords you could potentially rank for.

We also perform audits by comparing the data from your landing page to the landing page of competitors who are ranking well for a particular keyword. This will tell us what changes we need to make to your landing pages so they can rank above competitor pages. Keyword optimisation and audits give us a firm foundation to build your business on.

Outreach + Backlink Building

Outreach + Backlink Building

As well as making your website SEO ready, we reach out to other sites that are relevant to your website and business. We will produce a great piece of content, which will be published on that external site. As a result, you site receives a backlink. We aim to build a strong backlink profile over time for you because this is a huge factor for a website’s SEO.

Google ranks a website depending on how relevant it finds it for the user who conducted the search. The more backlinks that link to a page on your website, the more relevant your page will be deemed by Google. This will result in Google ranking the page above other pages on users search results. Use of keywords in the content will also support your keyword optimisation.



Another factor which affects a website’s SEO is the onsite optimisation. We ensure your website’s pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimised for your target keywords. We publish regular onsite content, as well as implementing several techniques (such as the skyscraper and silo techniques) which help with a website’s SEO.

From our keyword optimisation, we know which words to use, now we carefully choose where to put them. We determine which of your landing pages to focus on, as well as the focus keywords and anchor text which will best support your business.



We keep a constant eye out for any technical issues which might arise on your website. Any technical faults could result in a bad user experience, a bad review and negative SEO for the website. Once we have identified any potential technical problems, we set out to fix them straight away, protecting the investment you have already made in SEO.



We constantly review analytic data for your website. We have an analytical database which stores historical data of business metrics, such as website data and sales performance. At the end of every month we will use this analytic data to perform a monthly report of our results for the client’s website. We make sure the report is clear and easy to understand, with all the detail you need to see how we have been raising your site’s ranking.

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